About Us

The Evertree brand was formed in 2018 out of Dublin, Ireland.

Initially, we began as a retail shop selling dry herb vaporizers exclusively to our Irish customers with the launch of evertree.ie. However, as demand grew rapidly throughout the rest of Europe, we expanded our reach by introducing two new retail websites - evertree.eu and evertree.co.uk.

As the company has grown over the years, we've managed to keep our team a tight-knit group, always eager to learn and keep up with the newest advancements in the vaping world. Additionally, we have expanded our product range to include dry herb grinders, rolling trays, and various other accessories.

Over time, we've developed strong relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, making us official distributors of exceptional brands such as Pax, Puffco, Marley Natural, DaVinci, Aerospaced and Santa Cruz Shredder. As a result, we expanded into the wholesale market. Recognising the growing demand from our wholesale customers over the years, we made the decision to create Evertree Wholesale, a user friendly website that streamlines the ordering process.

Thanks to our location on the Island of Ireland we are capable of efficiently shipping to both the UK and the rest of Europe. In light of the considerable rise in shipping costs over recent years, we have implemented standard UPS shipping for all deliveries, ensuring a reliable and timely delivery within an estimated timeframe of 3 to 5 working days. Additionally, UPS provides comprehensive insurance coverage for all our shipments.

We're all about embracing language diversity and making things convenient for you. English is our main language but we are happy to chat through email in other languages. You also have the option to convert the website into multiple languages by clicking on the button at the top of the screen.

Apart from our dedication to the vaping industry, we also have a deep appreciation for nature and photography. We regularly step outside our office, capturing product photos set against Ireland's captivating landscapes. This monthly ritual is not only a great way to highlight our products but also a welcome break from our daily office routine.