Pipe cleaners, wire brush and 3 screens.

PAX Standard Maintenance Kit

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Maintain the optimal performance of your PAX vaporiser with our reliable Maintenance Kit. It includes three Standard Oven Screens, ten Pipe Cleaners, and one Wire Brush, compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX MINI, and PAX PLUS models.

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Maintenance Kit for PAX Vaporizers: Keep Your Device in Optimal Condition

Ensure your PAX vaporiser stays in prime working order with our comprehensive Maintenance Kit. This kit includes three Standard Oven Screens for efficient vaporisation, ten Pipe Cleaners for thorough cleanliness, and one Wire Brush for easy maintenance. Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX MINI, and PAX PLUS models, our Maintenance Kit provides the essential basics to support the longevity and performance of your PAX vaporiser.