V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray | Small | 25 Pack

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Upgrade your smoking setup with the V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray. It provides a convenient surface for rolling, with subtle incline and artwork options. Choose from four designs to suit your style.

Each design sold in packs of 25.

Color: Call of Doobie

Call of Doobie
T=HC2 Classic
T=HC2 Black Hole
Grand Dank Auto
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V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray – Practical/ Fantastical

For an enjoyable smoking session, a quality rolling tray is essential. Your herbs hold value, and without a proper work surface, you run the risk of accidental loss. This metal rolling tray offers ample space for your needs while maintaining a compact size for convenient post-session storage. You'll appreciate the subtle incline and vibrant artwork. After use, effortlessly transfer any remaining herb particles into a storage container and give the tray a quick wipe-down for a clean finish.

Four designs include: "Call of Doobie", "Einstein T=HC2 Classic", "Einstein T=HC2 Black Hole" & Grand Dank Auto"

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Call of Doobie, T=HC2 Classic, T=HC2 Black Hole, Grand Dank Auto