OTTO Grinder by HS & Banana Bros.

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Introducing the OTTO Grinder by banana bros, a stylish and efficient device designed to effortlessly transform dry herb into the perfect cone texture with a touch of simplicity. Collaborating with Higher Standards, this grinder brings a touch of sophistication in Pearl White, promising a practical and reliable grinding experience without unnecessary embellishments.

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Introducing the Otto Grinder

Combining modern aesthetics with practical functionality, the OTTO Grinder by banana bros. stands out for its design and ease of use. With a simple touch of a button, this grinder transforms dry herb into a consistent fluffy texture within seconds. This collaboration with Higher Standards introduces a Pearl White colour with an opalescent finish.

The Otto efficiently grinds and packs 20-30 cones per charge, providing a hassle-free experience. The inclusion of SMART grinding technology, ensures a uniform grind, mimicking human hand grinding gestures for reliable results.

Key Features:

Single Button Operation
SMART Grinding Technology
All-In-One Joint Auto Joint Roller
Spill-Free Filling Funnel
All-Natural Premium Cones
Metal Grinder Teeth
Spring Loaded Mechanism
USB Charging